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nonprofit bookkeeper

Narrow down the list by comparing services to the list of needs for your nonprofit. must make the necessary allocations to keep expenses organized. For instance, bookkeepers may allocate costs by program, administrative, and fundraising. Your board must meet at least four times a year to fulfill federal and state requirements.

nonprofit bookkeeper

Although nonprofit bookkeepers and accountants are so frequently lumped into the same category, it’s important to remember the key differences between the two. These differences will help determine the best hiring choices to meet your nonprofit’s needs.

Non profit bookkeeper Jobs

After determining its fiscal year and accounting model, a nonprofit organization, because of its tax-exempt status and its reliance on the public trust, has a few distinctive bookkeeping requirements. Your nonprofit bookkeeping services utilize our nonprofit accounting software, which includes online giving & donation tools. This means you can access your financial reports anytime, share reports with your leadership, manage donations, and accept giving online. There are several ways nonprofit organizations can fulfill the duties of nonprofit bookkeepers and accountants.

We understand that maintaining cash flow is vital to any nonprofit, and we’re here to help. Our goal is to remove the burden of bookkeeping for your nonprofit so that you can work towards building and supporting communities. You can even get discounted accounting software for your nonprofit if you use certain software on this list. Every business, including nonprofits, must protect themselves from fraud. While you’d obviously like to trust everyone that volunteers or works for your organization, you cannot assume that you’re immune from these types of problems. Or maybe you have donors that buy items on behalf of your organization. It’s crucial that you account for all in-kind or non-cash contributions as well.


Instead, you can use an outsourced bookkeeping service that specializes in nonprofits. These firms have the experience you need for accurate nonprofit bookkeeping. A nonprofit has different goals as compared to other business types, but a need for an operating budget remains.

Any hire will need to get up to speed quickly on recording such items as pledges, donated goods and services, and restricted donations. For instance, with a nonprofit more emphasis is put on budget tracking and monitoring of cash flow may be deemed more difficult.


You can reach out to us for quality consultations whenever needed. Our experienced and friendly team of accountants bookkeeping for nonprofits will answer all queries and help you make timely decisions for maximum organization benefits.

  • This is when you’ll need more advanced bookkeeping, accrual-based accounting, and management and board reporting to help you make data-driven decisions that drive your mission forward.
  • However, most nonprofits that make the leap see the value, and experience an ROI rapidly.
  • Ask your bank whether they offer business chequing accounts tailored to nonprofits.
  • I am ever appreciative of their quick response time, clean reporting, financial advice, and personal flair for making something as tedious as bookkeeping enjoyable.
  • Nonprofit expenses include rent, salaries, travel, postage, financial services and fundraising expenses.
  • I can also help you draft your fiscal policies and procedures and help you decide how to build your internal financial management capacity.

Many organizations are concerned about making the jump over to outsourcing, but with today’s advancements in technology, working with a remote expert team is almost seamless. Outsourcing can provide advanced and less costly bookkeeping services than a typical in-house bookkeeper. Nonprofit finances are no joke, so knowing who you can depend on to support your economic growth is crucial to your success. In this article we’ll go over the duties of both nonprofit bookkeepers and nonprofit accountants to show the differences of each role. If you hire someone in-house, you always run the risk of losing that person, either because they are not performing to standard or because they find a different opportunity elsewhere.

Statement of cash flows

And it’s sometimes not clear where the line should be drawn. But the experience, responsibilities, and deliverables required of bookkeepers are very different from those required of accountants. Nonprofit accountants help your nonprofit understand where your actual expenses/income differ from your annual budget.

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I hired Nonprofit Bookkeeping to help me focus and organize my books and finances. I am ever appreciative of their quick response time, clean reporting, financial advice, and personal flair for making something as tedious as bookkeeping enjoyable. This form is where you report all financial activities to the IRS. It reveals your financial strengths and weaknesses, sources of income, and how you’re spending your funds.

What does a nonprofit bookkeeper not do?

Unlike accountants, I come from the nonprofit world and understand the specifics of nonprofits financial reporting needs. I provide nonprofit bookkeeping for many clients small and large. Some have no bookkeeping records at all, while others are multimillion dollar organizations. Most nonprofit-friendly accounting software like QuickBooks Aplos or Nonprofit Treasurer will allow you to generate financial statements automatically. Although it’s possible to manually generate financial statements from your ledger or spreadsheet, it takes a ton of accounting knowledge and time to do it right.

nonprofit bookkeeper

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