SS&C Intralinks – A Review of Due Diligence Software

Due Diligence can be an important step when evaluating risks, whether you are buying or selling a business. This process involves looking over documents, auditing financial reports and checking compliance procedures and so on. However, this is time-consuming and requires the right skills to spot red flags that you might not be able to spot on your own. Using third-party due diligence software can help you save time and money while also protecting your private information.

Tech due diligence concentrates on the existing documentation of a company and includes the architecture, integrations and tech solutions including backup and recovery servers and development frameworks. This analysis can help you identify issues before they become problems further down the line. For instance, a study of open source specifications could uncover potential security risks, and also determine if a company is developing its products with the kind of tools that allow for scalable growth.

SS&C Intralinks is an established due diligence software with easy-to-use file management and AI-based organizational and analytical tools. It has over 6,000 transactions and 3.1 million registered users. Its cloud-based solution offers centralized collaboration and communication tools, virtual data room reporting, and much more. It also includes security features for data such as SSAE-16 Type II certified data centers and AES-256/SHA2 encryption. Customers include Pinnacle Foods and Starbucks. Its customer service can be reached via phone or email. This software is available for free. The program can be accessed via Windows, Mac OS X and the Android and iOS devices.

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