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Negotiating Stock Photo Prices

Pickerell, Jim

This seller has earned a 5 of 5 Stars rating from Biblio customers. With over 1,900 locations, Dignity Memorial providers proudly serve over 375,000 families a year. Joe Want interview at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Regional office, October 14, 2019. Microstock has defined a few types of uses as requiring “extended licenses” which in some cases may be negotiated. More use types should fall into the extended license category.

  • At that point I felt I needed more time to practice what I had learned before I finished my degree.
  • The system works for distributors because they don’t care which images sell as long as every customer goes away with something, but on average it doesn’t work to the advantage of photographers.
  • I think we should remove the word “stock” from this question.
  • Spiderpic will have a major impact on the microstock and subscription segments of the market because it is so easy to compare prices when the price is based on file size.
  • Even as it is now the microstock pricing system has grown into something much more complex than the pricing system for traditional royalty-free and it promises to get more complex.
  • Aim for enjoying what you do and giving your customers the best you can do.

Customers demand this kind of flexibility because they are unwilling to accurately predict or track future uses. Such a system is not perfect, but it is better than the alternatives we have today.

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I can remember when I was primarily an assignment photographer and occasionally sold outtakes from assignments on the side. Most of the income I needed to support my family came from assignments. Authorize the publication of the original written obituary with the accompanying photo. For more information, visit

Pickerell, Jim

For the past five years, at least, book publishers have added something like the following to their requests for rights to use a picture in a printed book. That said, I think photographers should be listening to everyone who speaks at the annual PhotoEast conference. They should be listening to the leaders of the trade associations and everyone who has written a book about the photography business. To make matters more difficult there are many different aspects to the business of photography, stock photography being only one of them. Part of what each individual must do is figure out whether it is advisable to focus on just one aspect of the business or to work in several different areas. In 1993 my daughter and I started a Stock Connection, a general interest rights managed stock agency that gave photographers a 75% share of sales.

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If you can’t be happy shooting that kind of pictures then look for another way to earn a living. But the ray of hope is that many of the photographic and business skills already learned can be re-applied in new ways in the visual communication business. A few may find it unnecessary, but no one should be confident that they will be doing the same kind of work three to five years from now that they are doing today.

  • After my article a few days ago about Wirestock’s questionable deal with Freepik, I got some comments and pointers that I want to summarize here.
  • The computer can be operated by touching the image on the whiteboard with either one’s finger or sometimes an infrared stylist.
  • What is the picture supposed to communicate and how do consumers react to such communications?
  • Presumably, this is because they believe that if contributors knew how little they might receive for the imagery they submit they wouldn’t bother to submit anything.
  • The use of microstock will continue to grow while the use of images priced using the rights-managed and traditional royalty-free models will decline.
  • I don’t know enough about Dan Heller’s business or what he earns from direct sales to speak intelligently about his business model.

If the photographer has very low expectations in terms of living standard. And finally, many photographers will be able to supplement another income source with what they can earn from stock licensing, but they will not be able to support themselves on the income from stock licensing alone. Together they established Stock Connection, an agency designed to provide photographers Pickerell, Jim with greater control over the promotion and marketing of their work than most other stock agencies were offering. The company currently represents selected images from more than 400 photographers. As the stock side of his income grew, Jim studied the needs of the stock photo market, and began to devote more of his shooting time producing stock images.

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There were about 15,000 U.S. advisors in country, no U.S. combat units and for the most part it was pretty quiet. I was the only non-Vietnamese freelance photographer based in Saigon at the time. The other two Western photographers were Horst Fass of AP and the New York photographer who replaced me at UPI.

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Natural Sightings: Rattlesnake love in the streets.

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Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. SpineThe outer portion of a book which covers the actual binding.


Selling RF through one distributor only is not a very satisfactory solution because the photographer fails to reach out to all the customers who deal with other distributors. Most RF production companies want to work with a few very experienced photographers who are prepared to produce high-volume. Consequently, most photographers find it very difficult to effectively participate in the traditional RM market. One of the things I’m trying to do with my new site is bring together, in one place, information from experienced experts who work in all the various ways that it is possible to earn money from taking pictures. I want to offer a variety of differing opinions in each subject area from individuals who have enough experience, or have done enough research to justify their point of view. Timing is important and the heyday of stock photography has passed.

Pickerell, Jim

There are a lot more image users now, but the overall revenue from licensing rights to stock images has declined in the last few years. So in one sense there may be a “boom” in that more imagery will be used, but the implication of the question is “will there be a growth in revenue generated” and to that question the answer seems likely to be NO. In addition, the revenue that is generated will be spread among a much larger group of photographers with much more of it going to part timers and amateurs. In 1990 I began publishing Selling Stock, a subscription based newsletter printed six times a year that dealt with all aspects of the stock photography industry.

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