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ESET Security Review

eset security review

ESET’s suite offers the best value-for-money. Its malware detection rate is close to perfection and the suite includes an impressive array of additional features with a tiny footprint. The premium version adds parental controls, a secure web browser, and a password manager, while the Android package comes with a theft prevention feature that can help you locate your missing phone. The network security features are also excellent, including an option for a firewall and to scan your home devices for weaknesses.

SysInspector is an outstanding tool. It takes a snapshot and highlights important Registry entries and running processes. It’s a little intimidating for beginners however if you’re used to advanced task management tools like those found in the Sysinternals process Explorer, you’ll be at familiar.

Another feature that is great is the ability to schedule scans for on-demand. This is a great alternative to real-time security and it’s quick and easy to use. It’s just a shame that ESET does not group this with other scheduling tasks and its UI makes it a bit more difficult legal compliance audit to find in comparison to some of its competitors.

The password manager is user-friendly and comes with many features. It’s a powerful form filler that works well for online banking. The password manager is only available in the premium version, and requires an ESET account, but it’s as efficient as the other standalone solutions I’ve tested.

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